Im A rapper-songwriter  that produces, plays guitar and releases music  under the  name  Jovel, my real name. Ive also released music via my band name Random Impulse, so dont worry I don’t have a twin out there, that’s also me.

I write songs about all the things that matter to me, things Ive experienced in life and witnessed, and things I see in myself, even when its sometimes hard to face, honesty being the thing tying them all together.  Ive had the pleasure of touring all over the country both by myself, and supporting acts like Gym Class Heroes, Rizzle Kicks and Ed Sheeran. You can check out my music on the music, video & downloads pages in the menu.

I like to blog daily, so when I dont have anything to write about my music, I put up posts on my other passions like new technology, cooking, other music that inspires me and anime etc. I wont lie, I like a lot of strange shit, but I’d rather show you what Im REALLY into rather than just copying and pasting from hypebeast and pretending im some super up to date fashionista.

anyway, welcome to my blog, welcome to the randomness of my mind, and make sure you close the damn door on the way out!

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