Cardboard Record Player

I don’t know anyone anymore that actually owns a record player. I still find them interesting, but I can’t say that I’ve found much of a need to rush out and get one. Well for those of you that would like to have something small and easily hidden around, this record player is one way to do it. What was formerly nothing more than a sleeve for a record gets reshaped and reused as a record player.

Sure, it’s nothing top of the line and it will probably need a little help from you, but it would still work. In order to get it up and running, just assemble all of the corrugated cardboard into the proper formation. Then just put a pencil in the center of the record on the player. The vibrations will then go through the needle and become amplified by the cardboard. It was just something that was sent out to creative directors across North America in order to demonstrate GGRP’s sound engineering capabilities.

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