Candy Flavoured Pringles (Random Food Stuffs Pt1)

Title kinda says it all really dont it, check it out lol.


“Fans of sweet-savory flavor combinations may be glad to hear that Pringles has come out with a season-specific Sugar Cookie Chip flavor for its Holiday 2016 lineup. The newest addition joins the snack brand’s oddly flavored holiday chip family, which includes other American classics such as Pecan Pie and Salted Caramel. The desert flavors will come in cans dressed in festive holiday sweater designs that will surely put you in the mood for Christmas. Being more sweet than savory, with less than 2% of sodium, we see these Sugar Cookie chips becoming a great prank for your frenemies. Look for these flavors to pop up in your local grocery store in the coming weeks.”

McDonald’s Nutella Burger


“Fast food giant McDonald’s is introducing a new item on its menu, albeit only for the Italian market. Dubbed the “Sweety con Nutella,” this special ‘burger’ is made with a glob of the famous hazelnut spread generously sandwiched between the chain’s famous soft buns. The sweet treat was announced on Facebook Thursday evening with the words, “A soft sweetness has arrived that you will not be able to resist. Try Sweety with Nutella now: soft bread with a creamy, indulgent center!”

Apple Pie Oreos


“As one of America’s favorite desserts, Nabisco has decided to recreate the apple pie into delicious Oreo cookie form. The brand has recently dropped the package design for the upcoming cookie variation, which will most likely feature a vanilla cookie sandwich and an apple pie-flavored creme as the center. According to Junk Banter, the Apple Pie Oreo will debut in advance of Labor Day in 2017. Make sure to keep an eye out, and in the meantime try one of Oreo’s new cookie-stuffed chocolate bars.”

Caramel M&M’s


M&M’s revealed recently in a press release that starting May 2017 it will begin selling caramel-filled candies in America. This will not be the first time the brand fills its centers with unexpected delicious treats, as it previously released pretzel crisp and coffee nut M&M’s. Hank Izzo, vice president of research and development of parent company Mars Chocolate, told CNN, ”It was a big technological challenge for us […] we had to figure out how to not make the chocolate too sticky or too soft that it could collapse.” For those stateside look out for the smooth and soft cored M&M’s to reach shelves soon, and for those located elsewhere stayed tuned for a global release details as they become available.

Its Official! – I’m Playing Glastonbury this Year!

Its Official! – I’m Playing Glastonbury this Year!


I know Ive been SUPER tight lipped about my new material as ‘Jovel’, even to the point where I havent publicly announced any shows and instead done a few ‘if you’re there then you’re there’ kind of apperances, but thats all coming to an end very very soon.


I cant go into to much detail (some of it I still dont know myself, But I have been confirmed to play Glastonbury this year! Still not sure what day or stage, but I do know that George Ezra and a few others are on the same stage as me!


Im really looking forward to present this new sound to you all, and I cant wait to hear what you all think, Its quite a massive journey from anything Ive even thought of doing before!


Ill keep y’all updated!

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New Music I Like: Shelter Point – Serenity

Im a few days late from when was premiered on wonderland magazine, but this duo are AMAZING! Im so glad I found them and whats even better is that this track is up for download!

“The Nottingham-based twosome were compared to the likes of James Blake and and Mount Kimbie, which won support from respected DJ’s including Annie Mac and Huw Stephens, who helped build the duo a fan following. After spending a period of time remixing people including Laura Doggett and Mø, Shelter Point found a refined sound and produced two new tracks, including ‘Serenity’ which we are premiering on Wonderland and which includes a download link! – See more at:”