Anime NERDS ONLY! – Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Ive done it again; for a few days of my life I disguarded EVERYTHING and watched anime for 16 hours a day, and this was the culprit: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! its about a 15 year old called Tsuna who discovers that hes next in line to be the new head of the most respected mafia family in all of Italy called vongola, but unfortunately hes a good for nothing that barely scrapes average at anything. Until of course he meets the infant assassin named reborn!

It sounds pretty strange for an anime i know but it REALLY heats up, super powers and all. I strongly suggest checking it out!

Anime Nerds ONLY!: Gintama

ive been watching this series off and on but its one of the few animes that you can quickly catch up on without having to back track. I think its safe to say there are tons of anime’s that have a strong humor line, but what makes this one special it as well as comedy being the main genre, its humor relates to things occouring in the rea world and not just things going on in there fictional city or town. I mean in what other anime does the MAIN character read naruto comics and says “i know what you mean broseph” huh?

anyway heres a clip, not the most funny, but damn funny enough!

Anime Nerds ONLY: Luffy’s Song

I cant help it, id be completely failing myself if no form of anime was on my blog, as a kid this is all I ever watched and I guess the kid in me wont let up. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Anyway… One Piece is definitely one of the more popular anime series out there and although there are tones of funny sections, there’s something about this scene that had me hitting the rewind button repeatedly ^_^!