Hands Down The Most Realistic Painted Portraits I Have EVER Seen



‘Realist painters and their works are some of the most compelling creations to explore.

Spanish painter Eloy Morales (undoubtably one of the great hyperrealistic painters alive) creates large hyperrealistic oil paintings of himself with smears of paint or shaving cream across his face. ‘


“Eloy patiently works through tiny sections at a time, filling in paint and blending as he goes. The painting spreads slowly across the canvas rather than being built up from layers.”

EloyMorales2More Pics Below


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AMAZING 3D Artwork Made With Screws!

Thousands of screws make a 3d portrait, by artist Andrew Myers.
He draws out a face and pre-drills 8,000 to 10,000 holes, by hand. As he drills in the screws, Myers doesn’t rely on any computer software to guide him, he figures it out as he goes along. “For me, I consider this a traditional sculpture and all my screws are at different depths,” he says.

Nail Art Part 2: Leonardo Da Vinci

The post I put up a few days ago ways cool by anyones standards, but there was a high probability of it being a well executed fake. THIS however is 100% genuine! artist Saimir Strati created this masterpiece using industrial nails. The artist re-created the self portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci using nearly 400 kilos[880 pounds] of nails over a 2x4m[6.5 feet x 13 feet] surface. this is also now in the Guinness book of world records for the worlds biggest nail mosaic