Guy Rob A Bank Dressed As Darth Vader

Robbing a bank might not be the most original crime in the world. Robbing a bank while dressed as the most ruthless villain in the universe, on the other hand, definitely takes a little extra thought. According to Newsday, such a feat is exactly what one “man” recently pulled off at a Chase bank in Long Island. After strolling into the bank at around 11:30 a.m., Anakin pulled out a handgun, demanded cash, and, as is usually the case, Vader got what he demanded. Witnesses have described the Sithian stealer as six feet, two inches tall, and say he was wearing camo pants and a blue cape — in an attempt, apparently, to, um, disguise his disguise. Police say he was last seen heading off toward Valley Stream, but, by this point, it’s all but certain that he’s fled to a galaxy far, far away

Bank Company Santander Employs ROBOTS?!

Turns out that there’s a financial center in Madrid, Spain which is so damn big and confusing to navigate that you’ll desperately need these multilingual robots to guide you around. Here’s how it works—in-action video and all:

You stroll up to where the mechanical swarm is waiting, tip-tap your way through a menu on a robot’s touchscreen to select your preferred language, pick a destination, and off you go.

The robots are about knee-high and zip back and forth through the Santander Group’s financial complex in Madrid. They’re clever enough to avoid running into people, other robots, or any of the LED panel covered columns around the complex while promptly getting you to your destination.

Now if only I could ask them to find the nearest ice cream shop instead of a stuffy office, I’d be a happy boy!