Batteries that charge by shaking them!

We’ve seen kinetic chargers in the past before, but what about a battery that can be recharge itself via vibrations? That’s what the folks over at Brother Industries Ltd. did, with the objective to reduce toxic waste created by discarding batteries. These batteries are capable of generating power whenever the user shakes the remote control, flashlight, or whatever device the batteries are placed in, and are available in AA or AAA sizes. Hopefully they’ll be able to be recharged via the normal methods too; after all, we don’t want to be shaking a pair of batteries for long periods of time just to switch the channel…

The USB Gadget That Recharges Regular Batteries.

Lets face it, buying batteries SUCK, and although rechargable batteries have been about, i couldnt tell you a single person that owns a set, not to mention them beng bad for the environment.

Introducing the ReZap Battery Engineer! This device not only recharges rechargeable batteries, but it can also charge regular batteries up to 10 times. Supporting up to 4 cells at one time, ReZap is compatible with AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, and 9-volt batteries.

Its Set To Retail at about $59.99 (£38.98) which IS a little steep, but in the long run it seems well bloody worth it!