The New Blackberry Pearl Coming In TWO Designs

1 phone, two styles and set to be release this month! A nice slim solution is retty cool for the bb, but after being so used to a qwerty keyboard for things like bbm, arn’t they destroying the thing that people love about blackberrys? guess i dont have long to wait and see..

The Blackberry 9700 in WHITE

Folks who are bored of BlackBerry devices being black might have another alternative soon, instead of going to Colorware of course. The Thai version of RIM’s site has put up a picture of a white colored Bold 9700. Is customization important to you, and would a white colored BlackBerry Bold 9700 pique your interest? While the white version doesn’t look as serious as the default black, you can be sure that many professionals will pick up the white device when it’s launched.

Trip To Penguin Clothing

Although my musical aspects are as refined as a glass of Le Voyage de Delamain (well not quite but you get the picture,) my sense of fashion in a word, isnt.

Then to my aid came the BEAUTIFUL women at penguin clothing that hooked me up with a bunch of cool numbers and had me looking fresh to death!
For those that dont know (shame on you!) penguin has been has been around for AGES and their new collection is amazing! you can check it out HERE

First Look: The New Blackberry Pearl 9100

Another picture of the recently sighted BlackBerry Pearl 9100 has surfaced, and this time, it’s accompanied by some technical specifications. From the picture, it’s obvious that the phone will offer a SureType QWERTY keyboard, which squeezes two letters onto a single key. Aside from that, the Pearl 9100 should include a 3-megapixel camera with a LED flash, Wi-Fi, 3G, GPRS. Of course, none of these are official specifications, so there’s still a possibility that it might change.

T.O.T.B.C – Club Plan B @Brixton the aftermath

big shout out to everyone that turned up last night and showed the love! if was pretty dead for a while, and even when there were a few peeps it looked more like a place to casualy meet and have a drink:

but then when i was on mic with the mighty tomb crew on deck it started to really move!

Again thanks for all the love and support, and a special thank you to the group that felt the need to come over EVERY time I dropped a bar to explain IN DETAIL why they enjoyed each and every line hahaha, LOVE IT!

More Pics and info of the brand New unreleased Blackberry

What looked like a drizzle last night seems to be turning into a full on downpour. The folks over at BlackBerry Leaks have gotten themselves even more facetime with that mysterious BlackBerry slider device — and it looks a lot better than we thought. Right now the theories are flying about just exactly what kind of phone this is, with BBL suggesting it might be the next phone in the Storm family, while Kevin over at CrackBerry has it on good authority that this new handset will be part of the Bold line. Kevin also says that the rumors he’s heard on this device call for a 360 x 480 touchscreen display (sans SurePress) and expectations for BlackBerry OS 6.0 to be onboard. The pictured phone apparently has a battery issue which is keeping it from powering up, but hopefully someone will find a way to spark this thing to life and we can get some more solid info. For now, check out one more pic after the break.

Exclusive Pic of the new blackberry!!!

You can consider my mind completely and utterly blown tonight, as I’ve just stumbled upon these photos of what appears to be a new BlackBerry device… a vertical slider. The source (BlackBerry Leaks) doesn’t seem to be able to confirm the legitimacy of the photos, but im mostly convinced that this is some variation of a RIM device. While BB Leaks speculates on the possibility of this being the Storm 3, Kevin Michaluk over at CrackBerry suggests this might not be a device headed to market, rather an early version which has been scrapped, similar to that Magnum handset that floated onto the internet recently (though Kevin suggests that our friends in Canada may very well have plans for something in this form factor). What I can say with assurance, however, is that this device coupled with those new BIS 3.0 Gmail integration upgrades, that forthcoming RIM WebKit browser, and a rumored new OS would help push things into the territory of that dream smartphone we pleaded for back in 2008. Coincidence? I think not.