Black Rock Shooter Now Has A Series!!!

OOOOMG!! im so late with this! As you all should definitely know, im an absoloute anime fanatic, and black rock shooter seemed to be pretty epic from what i saw. a feature length ova of the anime was released and that was about it. till now of course! you can watch the brand new series

NEW ANIME! Black Rock Shooter

Even I, the magical anime wizard dont know too much about the storyline of this upcoming anime, but it looks FUCKING AWESOME!!!

(check video below)

The official website of the Black Rock Shooter anime project has announced on Wednesday that the full 50-minute length of the anime will be streamed for free to “everyone,” although it does not specify if the stream will be available outside Japan. The streaming is part of a promotional campaign that will run from June 25 to August 31. As the first part of the campaign, there will be a free DVD bonus extra for Hobby Japan magazine, which has a circulation of 186,000.