The 100GB Blu-Ray Disc

the folks over at TDK have announced that it’ll be offering triple-layer discs that offer up to 100GB of capacity. Granted, you’ll need BDXL-compatible readers and drivers, but that’s the way technology works. These discs are slated to ship in Japan come September, with quad-layer 128GB discs in the horizon too.

the $100 USB powered blue-ray drive

The new PX-B120U is a USB-powered BD-ROM drive, which not only plays back Blu-ray flicks but also burns DVDs and CDs of the blank variety. The standout feature, of course, is the ability to function entirely off of USB power, with no extra AC cabling needed. Furthermore, the device can be converted into a living room player when connected to the forthcoming PlexMedia, and while I wouldn’t expect a wealth of extras, the $99.99 MSRP is shockingly tempting.