YAY!! lol

After ‘popular’ demand (of a grand total of around people) I’ve finally set up a place where you can buy all my ep’s cd’s, tees (such as the one worn by mr sheeran above) and everything else that ends with you saying “eeese!”

now theres a few ways to get to it, one would be by clicking the ‘store’ icon above, or the one on my Facebook Page or you could just cut to the chase and click HERE 😀

Use Vaseline To Make Scratched CDs Work Again

Rubbing Vaseline on scratched CDs to make them readable again is a new one to me, but Instructables has a DIY project up claiming it works perfectly. Mind you, they also say peanut butter works a charm too.

Using a piece of cloth, the Vaseline can be slicked onto the scratched CD, and then rubbed off with some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, leaving the Vaseline in the scratches, filling them in. It won’t remove the scratches completely—that would be a miracle—but it sounds like it does a nice job of filling them in to make the disc work again.