Cannabis Flavored/Scented Condoms – I Kid You not

Even if I was an avid weed smoker I wouldnt be into this, whoever made these clearly didn’t think this one through properly man. Saying that, I know a TON of my friends would get hype about these. All im saying is that im not exactly sure spermicide and kush would blend together well in the fragrance departmentCannabis-Flavored-Scented-Condoms


These are Cannadoms, weed flavored condoms. They’re green, marijuana flavored condoms. A pack of 50 will set you back about $54.

Nintendo Game Boy Condoms By PLAY

Can’t get the latest games out of your head even during a hot make out session? Then these Gameboy Condoms will surely help you score with the lady yet help you show off the gamer in you.

The Long End of Zelda, Dong, Bone Zone 2, Super Mario Land of Love, Sextris, and Donkey Shlong are not just the games people loved playing. Well not anymore! They have become an inspiration for making condoms and yes they are used for sex. Any hardcore gamer will vouch for the fact that these game names are far better than opting for a brand while promoting the product and sure enough, the aim was achieved with these condoms and how!