SEGA console Zippo Lighters

I smoke, and its terrible habit, but now nicotine lovers now have another way to enjoy their cancer sticks, thanks to a new set of Zippo lighters from SEGA. As Walyou reports, the game company recently unveiled a new line of lighters designed to look like SEGA game consoles. Smokers and/or pyromaniacs can choose between a 16-bit Mega Drive Genesis console, or a 32-bit Saturn version. Both are available in white or black and are reportedly small enough to fit in your pocket. The only problem, though, is that a single console lighter will cost you about $114 — not to mention the fact that it apparently requires a (Japanese language) manual to use properly. Then again, if you’re serious about smoking, gaming or just wasting money, this kind of stuff is probably right up your alley. From: Walyou