The Sunday Refix – Dr Dre – Kush

Week 24!! has ANYONE even heard this song over here in the uk???

i just randomly stumbled upon this and what a banger!! dre is back apparently and no one told me!!

It wasnt my choice, but due to all the madness with getting my first ep ready for the new year I only had 4 HOURS to get this done from scratch, but I thing it came out pretty good!

we ARE talking about dre here, so the productions NEVER gonna be as tight but hey I tried!

Recently there have been a lot of fellow artists doing “refixes” now so the topic for this song wasnt too hard to think of haha, but its all good! the more the merrier i say.

Well peeps, till next week…


unfortunately this is all i could find, it IS the track and it is from the detox album, but the vocals have been lowered. but hey! at least you can hear what it KINDA sounds like right? oh shut up lol

check it out, if you dare