Drake – Fake Love (Jovel Refix)

img_9838Ive started doing weekly refixes again just to shake the frustration of recording without being allowed to put anything out and this week I did Drakes ‘Fake love.’ I Usuall remake everything from scratch but as a friend of mine where the exact samples were from, the beat sounds near identical. the only thing I didnt nail were the sub drums but whatever. I reeeally regret not adding guitars too, but I was a bit short on time with it, I rewrote all the lyrics as always though, and I even had my first try at adobe after effects ro make the moving vid, so thats something lol.

Anyway, here it is and I hope you enjoy it. till next week!

FEELING this Song! – Majid Jordan – Place like this (video0

Im not going to lie, I didnt get these guys at all. I saw the live performance of ‘just hold on we’re going home’ with drake on ellen and thought “meh.” then i heard their previous album and thought “double meh” but THIS, THIS is something special. I’m Loving this new direction ad if this is anything to go by, I cant WAIT for the new album. well done signing these two drizzy, dont fuck em up!