The Most expensive Crisps In The World

swedish-brewery-makes-the-world-s-most-expensive-potato-chips-5pack-for-2Guess what flavour the most expensive crisps in the world are? check it out

So Swedish brewery St:Erik is selling this five-pack of chips for around $56. Theres is no reasoning as to why they’re worth that, and thats because they aren’t. Looking at the image it seems the 5 flavours are couch fluff, toenail clippings, a finger, a business card, and a longer- executive business card.

jokes aside though heres the actual science bit:

These special ingredients are Matsutake mushroom from pine forests in the northern region of Sweden, Truffle seaweed from the waters around the Faroe Islands, Crown Dill that was hand-picked on the Bjäre Peninsula in southern Sweden, Leksand Onion that grows just outside the small Swedish town Leksand and India Pale Ale Wort which is the kind normally used to brew St:Erik’s India Pale Ale

Even being a millionaire wouldn’t justify buying this man.. though having said that, if somebody offered me a ‘pack’ I wouldn’t say no.

keep scrolling for more unnecessary photos:

swedish-brewery-makes-the-world-s-most-expensive-potato-chips-5pack-for-1 swedish-brewery-makes-the-world-s-most-expensive-potato-chips-5pack-for

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10 Things I’m Definitely Having In My House When Im A Billionaire

all of these things in one house? you’d NEVER leave. I’ll make it happen, or die trying!

1.An entire room dedicated to sleepovers with a fireplace and 50″ projection screen

2.This ultra secret bedroom closet waterslide that leads to a luxurious indoor pool


3.A relaxing ceiling hammock for lazy naps


4.A swimming pool that doubles as a home theater


5.A kitchen trap door, leading to a huge underground wine cellar (and all the fine, vintage wines I’ll own)


 6.A secret agent-like popup garage that you’ll show off to every guest


7.A staircase that doubles as a slide for me…I mean the kids


8. An actual creek that flows peacefully under the house


9.An enormous, luxurious waterfall shower & bath



This summer-ready swim-up bar and gril


The Classy Porno Bed

classy porn! haha

The latest entrant into the ever growing family of luxury beds is the InDecent Bed from the Gallery of Wonderful. The name “InDecent” most probably comes from the fact that they hand-stitch an image of the owners making love onto the bed’s headboard. The image looks like a patterned mosaic when viewed from close, but when you take a look from a distance, you can clearly see the raunchy affair. The custom made bed costs a whopping £50,000 (approx. $77,150) and for the price, they offer a custom photoshoot in Los Angeles with a top glamour photographer – Sante D’Orazio, Guido Argentina or Warwick Saint. After the photoshoot, they airbrush the image and stitch it into the headboard in a range of individual colored panels. This tedious process takes more than three months to complete.
If £50,000 sounds a bit too much for you, they also have the standard model in limited edition, which costs £9,000 (approx. $13,880). This limited edition InDecent Bed features on its headboard a sexy image of a blonde glamour girl taken by Sante D’Orazio. Hand crafted and produced in England from pristine Oak, the InDecent Bed comes finished with a high gloss paint. Only 25 examples of the InDecency bed will be offered for sale.

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