Live Show & And Touring Update + Beatboxing with Faith Sfx

Right, so for the last month I’ve been releasing music under my real name ‘Jovel’ as opposed to the band name Random Impulse & its going really well.  So well in fact that im being asked, quite frequently, about when and where Im going to be performing live, so I thought I’d address it & give you a little update on the matter.

Im currently working out a BRAND NEW live show; New songs AND a new set up, which is taking a little time to get perfect, but believe me, its coming along very very quickly. I dont want to give to much away, but its going to be quite different from the Random Impulse setup I toured with in the past, but just as awesome I promise. As you can probably tell from listening to the music ive been releasing recently, This material is a lot more personal to me, and this new set up will mirror that, but at the same time keeping the strong and vibrant energy that my band had so keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be out on the road sooner than you think

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In other news I went to see my boy Faith Sfx on Tuesday.

photo 1

If you’re unfamiliar with him he’s a world champion beatboxer, arguably the best in the country, and is regularly seen with Plan B both on tour & in the studio. one minute we’re  having a long talk and catch up about our future plans, and the next he’s giving me lessons on how to beatbox and looping using one of these


What has this got to do with my live show though? Nothing? Everything?  all will be revealed soon enough, theres a method to the madness trust me.

Mixing Down The New Faith SFX Feature Album: Man or Machine

When I first decided to build my own studio, I pre-planned out every single last detail except for probably the most vital one: “who’s gonna engineer?” that left me with no option but to self teach myself, and 3 years on I can proudly say i’ve mixed projects like Scorcher- Simply The Best Vol.1, Frisco – Back To Da Lab 2, Chipmunk – Whatever The Weather Vol 1&2, as well as ALL my own stuff including Full Metal ALchemist.

Now ever since my solo work took a sudden turn for the best, I’ve Srayed from mixing other peoples projects as its SO time consuming, but when my mate Faith Sfx told me the sound he wanted was that of my mixtape full metal, i thought “why not? mixing other peoples stuff wasnt THAT bad right?”

Faiths New Project is a VERY challenging one at that: every single instrumental of every single track track was made by ONLY his mouth, which is quite frankly, insane. As if that wasn’t sick enough, it features the very cream of the underground scene from the likes of chipmunk, ghetts, p-money, dot rotten and lowkey down to new draft pics like maxsta, double s, there’s even a feature from yours truly heh heh 😀

As amazing as this feature album is, I’m VERY VERY happy that this sunday is my last day working on it as its stopped me doing all the amazing-ness planned for your guys like my free downloads and starting my show (more on that later).

It also means ill stop looking like this:

and go back to looking like this:

Im not quiiiite sure when the release date for “Man Or Machine” is but I’ll be sure to keep you updated here. look out for it! :p