Amazing Futuristic iPhone Stand

We’ve seen plenty of iPhone stands over the last few months, but this sleek iPhone cradle concept looks good enough to set itself apart from the rest. It features video-out, a charging dock, external function touch-sensitive keys, a clock and display. Not too bad for a simple dock. Best of all, it looks futuristic and smart. Would such a design be enough to make it a success?

3 New Awesome Futuristic Watches

The Eye of the Storm as you’ve guessed, takes its inspiration from the calm center of a destructive storm. It displays the time at the flick of a button and is otherwise a faceless clock.

OZO is quite a cool looking watch. It displays time via two dials, the hours on the top and minutes in the bottom, both of which rotate at a constant pace. The time is read through the hourglass icon situated plum in the centre of the watch face.

Freflex is a watch that takes advantage of nanotechnology and solar energy. The energy is stored in carbon nanotubes (a paper battery) at the base, which powers the components and the bendable OLED display. A protective thin plastic sheet (tinted to a dark shade and given a polyurethane coating to make it scratch resistant) encases the body. This is attached to a highly stretchable polyurethane band using ultrasonic welding, doing away with the need for buckles and snap-locks. The watch is flexible and can withstand shocks if dropped.