The Nintendo 3DS

How Cool is This. The Nintendo 3DS will feature 3D graphics, and a new 3D display that doesn’t need any 3D glasses, and the new system with be compatible with software from the Nintendo DS and DSi. Nintendo will be providing more details on their new 3D handheld gaming console at the E3 Expo in LA in June. It will be interesting to see what the 3D is actually like without 3D glasses, it certainly sounds very interesting.

The Sony Fusion Coffee Table

this table is amazing, I need one!
Crafted in matte black aluminum with a sleek chrome lining and supported by arched chrome legs, the Sony Fusion just takes a push of the button to convert the table into a work station with sleek touch sensitive keyboard and adjustable screen. The table top effortlessly splits in half and soundlessly slides apart to reveal the LED outlined keyboard, screen and DVD drive on the side of the table.

My Cigarette Amp

I almost forgot to blog this! My pride and joy! America has this company that makes these mini guitar amps made from cigarette boxes, but being an American company, they only use american brands like parliament (which is pretty crappy)

that being said, i dug out my glue gun and soldering kit to make my very own cigarette box amp with the uk’s very own mayfair box! it only needs a 9v battery (and an electric guitar lol) and your ready t rock out anywhere. I will not pretend that I’m not COMPLETELY chuffed at myself fro making this!

The Infra-Red Keyboard Projector

I just remembered my friend tommo showing me this and though Id share it with the world as its so awesome.

The virtual laser keyboard works by using both infrared and laser technology to produce an invisible circuit and project a full-size virtual QWERTY keyboard on to any surface. The virtual PC keyboard behaves exactly like a real one: direction technology based on optical recognition enables the user to tap the images of the keys, complete with realistic tapping sounds(!), which feeds into the compatible PDA, Smartphone, laptop or PC via bluetooth. A Bluetooth dongle or compatible device is required.

The Watch With No Face

I’ve never been into things like super blinging chains or bracelets, i mean i wear guitar picks around my neck for christ sakes! But the one thing i have a weakness for is watches, especially unusual ones. Well it doesn’t get anymore unusual than this: introducing the Aurora watch by Jihun Yeon. “but pulse, how can you tell the time with no face?’ I hear you ask? simple: One tap of the watch dial activates two lasers that are displayed on the wearers skin, acting as dials to represents hours and minutes. cool no?

Keyboard jeans.

Im not sure if id rock a pear, but the geek in me would disown me for saying they’re not cool. They’re designed by a guy named Erik De Nijs and as you can see, have a fully operational, BLUETOOTH enabled keyboard sewn in. Along with that there’s also build in speakers and get this, they’ve even got a ‘joystick controller’ just behing the front zipper lol.

The 256GB Flash Drive

When i first stumbled across this i thought ‘meh, no big deal’ but when you stop and think about it, thats a quarter of a terabyte. In your pocket. Just there!

one small, or rather large problem; the price tag. kingstons flash drive is set to retail at a whopping $1,108, hardly pocket change…