How SICK Is This?? Continuously Changing Giant Wall Art

How SICK Is This?? Continuously Changing Giant Wall Art

This is so sick. oh lottery, hurry to me.

“That’s another name for this product that I just made up! I mean the name, that is, this concept was designed by the incomparable Amirko, and it’s real name is “Change It!” Ohh scoop it! It’s one big wall of turn-triangles. Each of these triangles has different colors on them – white – black – and a slightly unique rainbow shade. As you can see in the first picture here, when the color is on full blast, it makes a mural all it’s own.

What combination of madness can be made? Choose your own adventure!

For now it’s the colors as explained above. In the future it might have any number of different choices for the sides – lights, materials, typography, body parts, animal fur, whatever!

Designer: Amirko aka Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov”




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Never Forget: Big Narstie Is A SPITTER First And Formost a SPITTER (Video)

Ive known Big narstie for a very very very long time. So long infact that I can’t even remember when we first met. If youve never heard of Big Narstie before and now decide to google him, you’ll probably be presented with a mass amount of his ‘uncle pain’ videos, giving the impression that he must be some talented new comedian of some sort. Now dont get me wrong, Narst is REALLy REALLy funny, but where he shines even more than his comedic prowess is spitting. This is a monster of a track man. check it out

Rise Of The Giant Dragonflys!

You know what there’s not nearly enough of, on this fine planet of ours? Dangerous animals that could wipe us all out in one fell swoop. I guess that’s why these sadistic scientists bred extra-large dragonflies, then?

The scientists raised atmospheric oxygen levels to above 30 per cent, which is closer to how the Paleozoic era’s environment would’ve been, supposedly. Once the air was right for breeding, Dr John Vanden Brooks and his team then successfully managed to breed dragonflies with wingspans of roughly 70cm.

Oversized cockroach breeding was also attempted by Dr Vanden Brooks, but thankfully he failed. I don’t have to remind you how resilient cockroaches already are, but cockroaches on steroids? Someone give me access to their bomb shelter, and fast!