Kashmir Kid – Return to Bombay

The debut track by Kashmir kid freshly signed to goldilock’s ‘gut instinct’ label imprint out sept 27th

what a god damn riddim!

My Birthday Madness

oooooh garrrrsh! i can easily say that this was the BEST birthday ever!
Although my birthday is the 15th of august, i was instructed by my other half to be up at 8am as she wanted to take me somewhere special. Little did i know that outside my house, my best friends were all waiting for me outside along with what can only be described as a hired disabled bus. Among the guilty arty was rebecca knight, stinkabell, goldielocks and dj tanzanite.

I wont lie, i was stunned. you can find all the gory graphic evidence of that by clicking HERE

on the bus, i had no idea where we were all going, and apparently, neither did the bus driver…
After circling round london THRICE. we finally got to our destination! THORPE PARK!

(now i KNOW i look like im doing some off key leg movements here, but I was
it was an awesome day! we laughed, we cried and it rained, but it was awesome all the the same and the best birthday Ive EVER had… but it didnt stop there!

DAY 2! the ACTUAL birthday!

the day consisted of constant drinking, And I honestly didnt plan anything to happen, but as the evening loomed my friends returned, instinctively knowing that then theres a birthday, theres alcohol! (and bbq meats.)

the same faces and a few more joined the festivities and being the lightweight that I am, Im thankful that someone was taking photos to refresh my memory on what exactly happened.

OH and check out what my lil bro ed sheeran got me! my first acoustic guitar!

He’s set the bar REALLY high in the birthday gift department but i will not be out done! any birthday gift ideas to give the edster will be well appreciated lol