Tony Starks Iron Man Briefcase!

Want an easy Halloween custom? Buy this $450 Iron Man briefcase from Entertainment Earth, don your best suit and sunglasses, and go as Tony Stark. The ladies will love it and at least you’re briefcase will look the part even if your frumpy nerd frame doesn’t exactly scream superhero. Entertainment Earth’s replica is finished in bright red aluminum with leather pockets and a laser cut EVA foam complete with an Stark logo inside. Of course it doesn’t contain the Mark V armor inside, but that’s probably for the best. It’s not like you have an Arc Reactor embedded in your chest. [Entertainment Earth via Baller House]

is there really a better briefcase on earth? i think not 😀

Iron Man Modified Xbox 360

Even tony stark gets down with a bit of gaming every now and then, and what better way to do it then with the iron man modded xbox 360 with A FULLY WORKING ARC REACTOR!

Zachariah Perry Cruse, a 19 year old sculpture student, is the video game-playing Tony Stark behind this mod, capturing the Iron Man essence (or at least color pallet) with red plastic, gold chrome, and blue LEDs. Good thing the real Iron Man can’t RROD.

Cruse put the mod up for auction on Ebay, where it currently stands at $300, with one bid. In the item’s description he covers the basics and also lets on that the Xbox’s 120GB hard drive bears a Stark Industries label. That, my friends, is attention to detail.