This Yacht is an actual ISLAND!

Now, this is one superyacht concept that demands attention and appreciation. The 155-meter “The Streets of Monaco” luxury superyacht by Yacht Island Design boasts a design that recreates a small section of the Principality of Monaco, known for the Formula One track and the Monaco Yacht Show. The yacht comes with its own fully functional go-kart circuit. The yacht is like a floating island, which exploits the benefits related with SWATH platforms. For the magnificent yacht that incorporates land-based architecture into the superstructure, Yacht Island Design has collaborated with BMT Nigel Gee. UK-based Yacht Island Design said…
The art of producing a themed yacht is to seamlessly weave a story into every element of the design and is achieved via extensive consultation with the client during the initial phases of the design process.

The Streets of Monaco has been divided into four major external deck spaces. The upper deck features the main swimming pool with swim-in Jacuzzi/bar and the Casino Square, where you have a large glass-bottomed fountain. You can benefit from the sport activities in the yacht’s multi-purpose courtyard, which also doubles as a helipad. There are open sundecks and BBQ facilities aboard the yacht. Other communal areas are “The Oasis” and “The Grand Atrium.”

The Oasis: Inspired by the gardens outside the Monaco Casino, The Oasis is the main boarding point and features a central waterfall. On the lower level, there is the Spa with manicure and hair salon, sauna/steam rooms, a relaxation lounge with a spa pool and a bar, and a gym and café bar with underwater views.

The Grand Atrium: It connects the upper and lower living areas of the yacht. On the lower atrium are the seven guest suites, library, communal office, communal balcony and cinema. The upper atrium takes you to the entertainment area and the owner’s suite.
With top speed of 15 knots, The Streets of Monaco accommodates 16 guests and 70 crew in the utmost comfort. The other yacht by Yacht Island Design will be a smaller 85-meter yacht, which will be based around a Pacific Island theme.

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