The Sunday Refix: Kano ft Giggs – 3 Wheel Ups Refix

Sunday I dropped the weekly remix which was of what I think one of the biggest songs of last year: 3 wheel ups by grime legend Kano. This song really translated well in electric guitar format Im really hype to have got this one out!

You can get Kanos ‘Made In The Manor album from : iTunes :  & Amazon :

you can also get my debut: The Void EP on iTunes & Apple music: The Void EP on Spotify:

Let me know what you think on the youtube page, click like if you have a minute, and I’ll see you guys next week!

The Sunday Refix: Random Impulse X Kano – P’s & Q’s

Week 4 in my series of refix’s and this time I brought it back to the mother land: GRIME! and classic grime at that! As always I played Guitar as the leading melody, but I just couldnt help adding the odd little synth stab here and there just to keep true to the genre. I also added hi-hats that wernt originally there in the song.

Lirically… If im honest… I just wanted to go all out and let my flow loose! After working on such conceptually strong songs for my album its nice to let loose every now and then 🙂

Till next week folks!