Cannabis Flavored/Scented Condoms – I Kid You not

Even if I was an avid weed smoker I wouldnt be into this, whoever made these clearly didn’t think this one through properly man. Saying that, I know a TON of my friends would get hype about these. All im saying is that im not exactly sure spermicide and kush would blend together well in the fragrance departmentCannabis-Flavored-Scented-Condoms


These are Cannadoms, weed flavored condoms. They’re green, marijuana flavored condoms. A pack of 50 will set you back about $54.

The Sunday Refix – Dr Dre – Kush

Week 24!! has ANYONE even heard this song over here in the uk???

i just randomly stumbled upon this and what a banger!! dre is back apparently and no one told me!!

It wasnt my choice, but due to all the madness with getting my first ep ready for the new year I only had 4 HOURS to get this done from scratch, but I thing it came out pretty good!

we ARE talking about dre here, so the productions NEVER gonna be as tight but hey I tried!

Recently there have been a lot of fellow artists doing “refixes” now so the topic for this song wasnt too hard to think of haha, but its all good! the more the merrier i say.

Well peeps, till next week…