The Picks Of Destiny Return! (New Year Update)


New year, new me… lol nah, Ive been quite pleased with my lack of procrastination recently so as long as it holds up I’m good with keeping things just as they are! So, getting right into it theres a lot of exciting things finally ready to happen, and almost like a cryptic sign, I just found my picks of destiny at long last. For those that haven’t followed me when I was going under my previous moniker Random Impulse, I had this necklace with a bunch of multi-coloured picks, just so I always had them at hand, but due to the colours they picked up a bit of attention which in turn made them a sort of good luck charm for me. Now I was 99% sure I lost it forever on tour but behold! Here they return Just in time!

Ive spent all of last year just stacking and stacking content, all without releasing any which has been really frustrating as you can only built with what you release, but now.. NOW I’ve finally come to the end of the road, and although some things still have a bit of a mystery shroud on em, I can at least start announcing stuff. so without further ado.

Youtube Series

Although I have a Vevo account, Ive always wanted to take the plunge and built up my own account on youtube, so every Sunday I’ll be releasing a lil something I whipped up (at around 12pm GMT.)   Subscribe to my channel HERE to get it as soon as it lands.


On the 6th of January I begin Recording my album! Theres a LOT of exciting stuff around this, a lot that i’m unfortunately not allowed to talk about just yet involving this, but if you follow my Facebook and Instagram, I’m SURE it’ll all be revealed a lot sooner than I’m told I’m “officially” allowed to speak about it haha. Its big, REALLY big so don’t say I didn’t warn you!


New Releases From March!

If my EP and youtube vids arn’t enough for you, you wont have to wait till my album is out for new stuff, new music/videos will be hitting your screens from march. Im not sure if I should call it a mixtape or playlist , but they’ll be a bundled release of some form following all this too. To hell with titles, its a body of work lol.

Touring/Live Shows!

This is probably the thing I’m most excited about. Again, theres a really big announcement I’m not allowed to make about this until April, but what I CAN tell you is that i have been booked for FOUR summer festivals this year. They’ll most definitely be more as the year progresses but this is one hell of a start!

Phew! feels SO good to able to get that off my chest! I hated working behind the scenes without being able to show any of it, never been good at keeping secrets.


oh and the blog is back to its regular schedule so you can expect your usual update on me, tech, music, cool shit, food and anime at least 3 times a week.

If you read right through till the very end, congratulations, you win the game.


Free Live Show Wednesday 13th Aug @ Strongroom Shoreditch

Im playing this months Souterrain Live Gig @ the strongrooms (address Below.) The event is free free free and it starts at 7:30. Come on down and have a couple of jagerbombs with me. Oh and watch me play too, that’d be good. for more details click Here

  • 120-124 Curtain Road
  • EC2A 3SQ London, United Kingdom


My First Live Show @ The Silver Bullet

My First Live Show @ The Silver Bullet

On The 20th Of June I played My first ever live set for the Jovel project @ the Silver Bullet.  I was surprising more nervous than any of my other previous shows as random impulse, but for good reason: instead of being backed by my band, this new project is just me, by myself, alone, and that means one teeny mistake and its ALL on you. secondly its with an acoustic, which I am completely new to using (I even first learned guitar on an electric) and thirdly: these songs have singing elements to them, and with the only backing ive got to go by being and a single acoustic guitar, i was BRICKING it.


Despite all that though show went pretty good and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it, One person so much he asked me to sign his head!

So all in all it was a great way to shake off the ‘first gig’ nerves. On to the next one!

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Live Show & And Touring Update + Beatboxing with Faith Sfx

Right, so for the last month I’ve been releasing music under my real name ‘Jovel’ as opposed to the band name Random Impulse & its going really well.  So well in fact that im being asked, quite frequently, about when and where Im going to be performing live, so I thought I’d address it & give you a little update on the matter.

Im currently working out a BRAND NEW live show; New songs AND a new set up, which is taking a little time to get perfect, but believe me, its coming along very very quickly. I dont want to give to much away, but its going to be quite different from the Random Impulse setup I toured with in the past, but just as awesome I promise. As you can probably tell from listening to the music ive been releasing recently, This material is a lot more personal to me, and this new set up will mirror that, but at the same time keeping the strong and vibrant energy that my band had so keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be out on the road sooner than you think

635 843

In other news I went to see my boy Faith Sfx on Tuesday.

photo 1

If you’re unfamiliar with him he’s a world champion beatboxer, arguably the best in the country, and is regularly seen with Plan B both on tour & in the studio. one minute we’re  having a long talk and catch up about our future plans, and the next he’s giving me lessons on how to beatbox and looping using one of these


What has this got to do with my live show though? Nothing? Everything?  all will be revealed soon enough, theres a method to the madness trust me.