The Little Gadget That Turns Water Into Wine


Perform the holiest of miracles by turning your useless supply of life sustaining drinking water into actual wine with this incredible machine. This revolutionary device makes it possible to transform water into a rich and flavorful wine. Jesus just became obsolete.

Editor’s note:¬†it has been revealed by the creator of this product that this item was a spoof marketing campaign to raise awareness for bringing clean drinking water to underpriviledged nations. For more information, please¬†visit their website –

The UK’s first gold-dispensing Vending Machine

Im actually going to buy some gold you know. Times are changing, moneys @ an all time low in terms of value but raw materials never change.

The UK’s first gold-dispensing ATM machine has been installed at Westfield shopping centre in London. It will dispense various sizes of 24-carat gold coins and bars in a matter of seconds. The machine also updates the prices every ten minutes, keeping the profit margin in-line with the ever-changing rate of bling blocks. It lets you buy up to $10,000 worth of gold in one go. Just slide your credit card in and you’re good to go.