Ghost In The Shell – Official Trailer

There’s been little 5 second teaser trailers dropping for the last few months about this but finally, FINALLY we get a full length trailer of the new ghost in the shell movie, and yes, it looks SIIICK.

For those that dont know, this is a live action adaptation of an amazing anime film created by  Masamune Shirow. Its one of the all time classic animes in my opinion so if you havent seen it, I strongly suggest you check it out too.


Where I’ll Be This Saturday – Hyperjapan 2012

HELL to the freak yeah!

So my radio plugger sean denny hit me up with an email asking me to somthing ive always known about, but like the overworked drone that I am, I forgot that one of the most important festivals of the year is happening this week!

`theyve got everything, anime, manga, cosplay, deliiiicious food and video games! Otaku heaven!

Im pretty sure most of my fans have NO intrest whatsoever with j-culture, but if you are down there, hit me up and we’ll paint the festival red!

Anime Nerds ONLY! OKAMIDEN 2 Release Date!

its no secret im obsessed with japanese anime, so its no suprise that my gaming taste sways to that of square enix and capcom. One of the titles i got really involved in was okamiden. it came out a few years back on the ps3 and there were talks of a sequel, but no talks of a release date. OH BUT REJOICE YOUNG ANIME STUDENTS!!
The game now has a release date: March 15, 2011. Capcom has teamed up with GameStop, meaning that if you buy (well, pre-order) the game at your local GameStop you’ll get some exclusive stuff.

The first 20,000 people who pre-order the game get a stylus in the shape of a paintbrush, a “custom screen cleaner” that has artwork of the main wolf pup, Chibiterasu, and Kumi, the swordmen.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, so far the Ds version is all thats being talked about… but its better than nothing right? o_O

check the full trailer below!

Capcom also has a contest on its Facebook page where you can win, among other things, Chibiterasu plush dolls.