The Akira Bike In Real Life!

oooooh you want it! you SO want it! I can see it in your eyes! (^_^)/the-only-officially-recognized-akira-bike-replica
This is a replica of Shotaro Kaneda’s bike from Akira, built by Masashi Teshima, who spent seven years and ¥10 million (US$121,000) to make it. It is officially recognized by Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo. And Teshima is riding the bike across the country to raise money for children’s autism. After more you can see Teshima and his custom bike in Fukuoka, Kobe, and Osaka.

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MUST SEE! Man crashes off motorbike and 360 flips off to land on feet!

you see what it says in the title! This is the very DEFINITION of epic epicness! “This Is Some Ninja Sh t Asian Man Crashes His Motorbike Into A Car Does A 360 Flip”Landing On His Feet”

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