iPOD Nano Watch

The new multitouch iPod Nano was made to be strapped to a watch band. A cool idea? You can pick up a 22mm Maratac watch band for about $17, and available in a variety of colors. But you should consider its battery, Apple’s saying the new iPod Nano has 24 hour battery life, so you have to recharge it every night… Anyway, I love this idea, cool watch and cool idea!

The NEW iPod Nano

Apple has just revealed its 6th generation iPod nano, which has been outfitted with just about the boldest redesign the portable media player has experienced yet. Gone is the clickwheel, to be replaced with a touchscreen interface and a shuffle-esque square form factor. It’s now 46 percent smaller and 42 percent lighter. Hard volume buttons on the side and a clip on the back provide the minimal hardware accouterments to that multitouch touchscreen, while the inside provides enough juice for 24 hours of audio playback. Seven total color variants will be up for grabs, including a Product RED option, with prices set at $149 for 8GB of storage or $179 for 16GB and pre-orders being taken today.

LG’s ‘Nano tech’ .88cm thick tv

It looks like nanotech-based screen technology is nearer than we thought—LG’s claiming its upcoming LEX8 adds “NANO Lighting Technology” to its new top-end LED backlit TV model, the LG LEX8.

LG’s press release doesn’t go into any hardcore technical detail about how this makes its standard LED backlighting any better, simply claiming the new set produces “brighter, clearer and smoother” pictures. The end result is a TV only .88cm thick, which is 0.34 of a standard imperial inch. [LG]