Anime Nerds ONLY! OKAMIDEN 2 Release Date!

its no secret im obsessed with japanese anime, so its no suprise that my gaming taste sways to that of square enix and capcom. One of the titles i got really involved in was okamiden. it came out a few years back on the ps3 and there were talks of a sequel, but no talks of a release date. OH BUT REJOICE YOUNG ANIME STUDENTS!!
The game now has a release date: March 15, 2011. Capcom has teamed up with GameStop, meaning that if you buy (well, pre-order) the game at your local GameStop you’ll get some exclusive stuff.

The first 20,000 people who pre-order the game get a stylus in the shape of a paintbrush, a “custom screen cleaner” that has artwork of the main wolf pup, Chibiterasu, and Kumi, the swordmen.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, so far the Ds version is all thats being talked about… but its better than nothing right? o_O

check the full trailer below!

Capcom also has a contest on its Facebook page where you can win, among other things, Chibiterasu plush dolls.