You Can Now Buy A Fully Operational Mech-Warrior Robot. No, For Real

diesel-powered-mechwarriorneon genesis evangelion fangirls and boys the world over must be freaking the hell out. The dream is real. you can now be a pilot of your very own diesel fueled Mech Robot, equipped with weapons and everything. Standing at 13 feet tall, weighing 4.4 tons and known as the Kuratas, this giant MechWarrior actually has a cockpit for you to ride inside, and looks like a truly promising addition the SkyNet program.

check the videos below

you can buy this amazing bit of machinery HERE …but you’re gonna need about 1.5 million dollars. IF ANY SUPER FAMOUS CELEB BROWSES THIS WEBSITE BY CHANCE AND BUYS ONE OF THESE BADBOYS EMAIL ME AND LET ME HAVE A GO!!

The Solar Powered Toothbrush

Why you’d want to forgo a teeth-brushing session with some delightful Indian curry, caramel or darjeeling tea-flavored toothpaste I’d never know. Still, at least this solar-powered toothbrush would save you money over extended use.

120 teenagers will be putting the Soladey-J3X toothbrush through its paces, testing whether the embedded solar panel’s chemical reaction is a worthy replacement for actual toothpaste.

The toothbrush works by transmitting electrons through the middle of the toothbrush bar, with the electrons then reacting with acid in the saliva and causing a chemical reaction. It’s this chemical reaction which the Japanese company Shiken hopes will replace toothpaste and kill off plaque and bacteria just as efficiently.

There’s an obvious flaw however, with the toothbrush needing a smidgen of natural light to power up the solar panel. My bathroom, like plenty of other small London flats, doesn’t actually have a window. Am I supposed to place this toothbrush at my kitchen sink, then?