Me & Lorde!

ok so Lorde and some guy went in the studio, and the guy remade the track royals by himself in a couple of hours, played the guitar in the melody of her vocals, sung the harmonies and then rapped over it. That ‘guy’ was me, and lorde wasnt really there or knew anything about it, but apart from that small detail it definitely happened: Take a look for yourself >

Me Rapping Over 100 Songs In 4 minutes + New Ep “G.S.D”

This is My first ‘Release’ under the name ‘Jovel’ and trust me, it wont be the last! i’m going to be releasing a FULL length track from my forthcoming EP ‘G.S.D’ EVERY week on my soundcloud, so make sure you follow me on there to get em instantly.

JUST as i’m writing this charlie sloth just played this on BBC Radio 1 which is bloody AMAZING! but i’ll be sure to post that alog with the track listing tomorrow.

but for now, here’s me rapping over 100% songs in 4 minutes. Written, Mixed and Directed my myself, & shot by my boys RoarsTV and The Battery Chicken