The Sunday Refix: Giggs Ft Donae’O – Lock Doh Refix

New week new refix!

This week I decided to cover the banger that is “Lock Doh.” I was quite proud of how exact i managed to get the beat of this one.

Check out Giggs new album ‘Landlord’ Out Now:


you can also get my debut: The Void EP on iTunes & Apple music: The Void EP on Spotify:

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The Sunday Refix: Kano ft Giggs – 3 Wheel Ups Refix

Sunday I dropped the weekly remix which was of what I think one of the biggest songs of last year: 3 wheel ups by grime legend Kano. This song really translated well in electric guitar format Im really hype to have got this one out!

You can get Kanos ‘Made In The Manor album from : iTunes :  & Amazon :

you can also get my debut: The Void EP on iTunes & Apple music: The Void EP on Spotify:

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The Sunday Refix: Dave – 71 Refix

As promised, sunday is the day for my new youtube series: the refixes – revamped and looking better than ever.

For those that are unfamiliar, my refixes are where I pick a song already out, remake the entire beat from scratch with different live instruments, then add my own take with the lyrics but still sticking to the basic framework of the original.

This week I decided to do “71” from the rapper Daves “Six paths” Ep. Davis an extremely talented young M.C, an awesome pianist, and he’s clearly an anime fan to boot so that was reason enough why to pick him!

Check out the video below and please click like and comment if you’re feeling it.

you can check out Daves Six Paths EP on iTunes & Apple Music: Six Paths EP on Spotify:

You can also check out my debut ep here:
The Void EP on iTunes & Apple music: The Void EP on Spotify:



This Weeks Refix: Jamiroquai – Deeper Underground



…Sorry about that haha. So I said on my blog that I was gonna wait a week till unleashing the more band-esque season 3 but I cant wait that long so here it is! One of the most awesome funk bands Jamiroquai!! ( I always spell that wrong haha)

SUUUPER fun to do, very refreshing compared to desperately searching the chart every week!

well this wasnt supposed to happen so im off to finnish my ep!

I’ll be back to my usual hijinx next week! see ya on monday!

This Weeks Refix – Nero “Me & You”


Whats up you beautiful lot? so this is the final refix of the second season and I wanted to go out with something epic! NERO “ME &YOU” the amazing act signed to chase & statuses MTA label.

next season is gonna be a a little differnt to the first two, they’ll be alot more bands and music from other genres just to switch up the flavour a little

well, im off to do a quick session for balcony tv so i’ll see you guys next week with season 3!!


Week 27 and this one was SO FUN!!

Ive been waiting to do this song for AAAAGES! It was basically the soundtrack to my new year where i played a pa gig at liquid in windsor (hence the new pics haha)

This week has been SUPER exciting as my DEBUT video for my first ever single went VIRAL! it peaked at the 4th MOST WATCHED VIDEO IN THE UK and 85th vid IN THE WORLD! it you havent seen it yet CHECK IT OUT HERE:

Due to that things are getting INSANELY busy, but i’ll keep fighting to keep these refixes coming until I hit the big 52!

ALSO! look out for my top secret new project called “Not Safe For Work (NSFW)” coming to yutube veeeeery soon!

Until next week…

The Sunday Refix: The White Stripes Cover In ONE TAKE!

Week…erm..25 I think?

ANYWAY! this week i thought “FUCK IT! Im gonna do a refix in 1 take!” and the result is this cover I did a while back by my HERO jack white from the white stripes.

As I said, the ENTIRE thing was done in a single take, as a way of respecting jacks views about keeping music restricted and raw.

now grime and hip hop fans might not understand this AT ALL, but songs like these are a massive part of who I am, and seeing as these are My refixes not yours, you’re just gonna have to deal with it aint ya! :p

well thats all from me! I hope you all had a verrrrry merry christmas and I’ll see you wonderful people next week!