MUST SEE! Man crashes off motorbike and 360 flips off to land on feet!

you see what it says in the title! This is the very DEFINITION of epic epicness! “This Is Some Ninja Sh t Asian Man Crashes His Motorbike Into A Car Does A 360 Flip”Landing On His Feet”

This has SANGA written all over it! big up my boy jc of ape apparel for the hook up!

TINY apartment Transforms Into 24 Rooms! (S.A.N.G.A)

This is TRUE efficiency no doubt! and I am pleased to announce that Gary will be the New Architect for the S.A.N.G.A headquarters!

Gary Chang, an architect in china, decided to design a 344 sq. ft. apartment to be able to change into 24 different designs to compensate for the extremely tight living conditions, all by just sliding panels and walls. He calls this the “Domestic Transformer.”
Check the vid!

Nine Year Old Builds Wind Powered Skateboard

Ahh its a good day, my super awesome nerd genius army (S.A.N.G.A) is just getting stronger and stronger by the day, gotta love it!

Who says invention is a legacy of the matured? We’ll all have to change our thoughts now; Chris Neal has forced us to do so with his charismatic fan-powered skateboard. The Bonsall, California based nine-year-old did the skateboard for his Bonsall Elementary School project, from where the invention was asked to be featured at the Ellen DeGeneres Show. In his creation presented at the show, Chris has got a skateboard fitted with a motorcycle battery powered fan to push a skateboard 3 to 5 mph with a rider on it. Great beginning for a kid who visions to grow up to be an inventor some day. One more image after the jump.

A Home Made SUPER Computer

the last post of the official ‘computer tech’ blog day.

In my quest to enlist candidates for my super awesome nerd genius army or ‘SANGA i came across this guy: meet Paul.
Paul put together 24 solid-state drives into a RAID array to a total 6 6TB size which achieved a mesmerizing speeds of 2GB per second.

put simply, this computer can do madness. It rips a dvd onto computer in 0.5 SECONDS! check the vid for the other crazy things it can do!

Paul, welcome to SANGA!!