Rise Of The Giant Dragonflys!

You know what there’s not nearly enough of, on this fine planet of ours? Dangerous animals that could wipe us all out in one fell swoop. I guess that’s why these sadistic scientists bred extra-large dragonflies, then?

The scientists raised atmospheric oxygen levels to above 30 per cent, which is closer to how the Paleozoic era’s environment would’ve been, supposedly. Once the air was right for breeding, Dr John Vanden Brooks and his team then successfully managed to breed dragonflies with wingspans of roughly 70cm.

Oversized cockroach breeding was also attempted by Dr Vanden Brooks, but thankfully he failed. I don’t have to remind you how resilient cockroaches already are, but cockroaches on steroids? Someone give me access to their bomb shelter, and fast!

Scientists Set To Make Invisibility Cloak Like Harry Potter!

Invisibility cloak project is back on! It’s from a different team of scientists that were using silver-plated nanoparticles in water though, with these latest Harry Potter enthusiasts using photonic metamaterials to change light rays.

The idea is to cloak an object and disguise it with the use of light rays, like a “carpet mirror”, as described in the Science publication by Tolga Ergin, a scientist from the German Karlsruhe Institute of Technology working on the project.

Using polymer crystals with minuscule rods, Ergin found success with his “invisible cloak,” making it invisible to light wavelengths:

“By changing the thickness of the rods, you can change the ratio of air to polymer.
Since the refractive index of air is about one and the refractive index of the polymer is about 1.52, in principle, we can get any refractive index between those two numbers”
Anyone looking at the object assumes the area is flat, and that there’s nothing hidden there—and it could theoretically hide any object, even a house. There are obviously limitations involved with the science, not least the length of time it takes to create the 3D cloaking structure. [BBC]