The Seabreacher “sharkboat”

Que the jaws theme!! nananananananana!!

Seabreacher X is a pretty tame name name for such a kickass bit of aquatic engineering. I don’t know how you can call a shark-shaped submersible that can jump 12 feet in the air anything other than Jaws. Or AAAAHHHHHHH!

Either way, it’s a marked upgrade from Innespace’s previous Seabreacher, which could travel up to 20mph below the surface but looked like some pansy dolphin. Seabreacher X can go 25mph when submerged, 50mph on the surface, and looks like it just ate Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea.

The subs are outfitted with a camera, a stereo system, even a video game system (which sounds safe). Future projects from the company include a more perfect barrel roll and, no kidding, a hammerhead edition, according to the Daily Mail.

These are, not surprisingly, more expensive than you can afford at $100,000-plus. But at least now you’ll know to envy and fear them. Check the Vid Below!