After Playing The 3OH!3 Concert Comes THE VICTORY DINNER!

So the other night i was first support for the 3oh!3 gig at Kings College Uni and my god what a crowd! there were moments when i couldn’t even hear my guitar the screams being so loud! A SUPER HUGE thanks to the awesome audience in attendance and to 3oh!3 for getting me up there!

as the end of the night drew near i realized id forgotten to eat, but fear not!! Being the super chef that i am, i whipped up an avocado and feta cheese leaf salad with freshly cracked black pepper, a piping hot jacket potato filled with garlic and herb cream cheese with a side of venison sausages (yes thats right, i ate bambi’s mother!)
tasty stuff

T.O.T.B.C Aftermath: Club Ice In Coventry

Ending the long line of shows that happened last week was the night called ‘Pimpin'” @Club Ice in coventry. It was an over 16’s rave meaning that whopping 1200 hormone raging teens swarming the venue going absoloutley mental. there were a few technicals with the decks, but when you work with pros like Tomb Crew you’re never gonna go wrong!

shout outs to ben clark and the rest of the lads in vip that we’re listening to my stories of the amazing pistol shrimp! see, there’s never a wrong time to geek out!