Its Official! – I’m Playing Glastonbury this Year!

Its Official! – I’m Playing Glastonbury this Year!


I know Ive been SUPER tight lipped about my new material as ‘Jovel’, even to the point where I havent publicly announced any shows and instead done a few ‘if you’re there then you’re there’ kind of apperances, but thats all coming to an end very very soon.


I cant go into to much detail (some of it I still dont know myself, But I have been confirmed to play Glastonbury this year! Still not sure what day or stage, but I do know that George Ezra and a few others are on the same stage as me!


Im really looking forward to present this new sound to you all, and I cant wait to hear what you all think, Its quite a massive journey from anything Ive even thought of doing before!


Ill keep y’all updated!

guitar pic 2


Thats right people its that time again! the mighty camden crawl is upon us!
playing at the cuban at 8pm so hopefully ill see you there!

Last year was awesome and my boys rizzle kicks even popped down to watch. check it out:



Just Jam 011

@ the Alibi 91 kingsland high st e8 2pb

Each and every wednesday streaming live ON 8- 11PM – or come see the show being filmed FOR FREE!! – @ the Alibi 91 kingsland high st e8 2pb, then….

Tim and Barry + Motive on the decks til 2AM

Interviews, Dj sets & live performances from:

DONAEO – One of the leading artists & producers in the UK Funky movement, Donaeo has been making massive tunes since the garage & early grime days! He’s coming down to talk to us about his new single ‘Im Fly’ + a lot more!

PIONEER – A DJ who lives up to his name! Pioneer has been essential in the rise of UK Funky & now deservedly holds down a show on Kiss FM!

SUPA D – Supa has been one of the key DJs in UK House & Funky, responsible for bussing many of the biggest tunes over the years, were gonna talk to Supa about Rinse, his production & more!

BLOODLINE ( BIG H, BOSSMAN, 9 MILLI MAJOR) – The North London Grime/Rap Collective formerly members of Meridian crew alongside Boy Better Know’s Skepta & JME. They’re gonna have ALOT to talk about!

DEXPLICIT – The huge Grime & Bassline producer, most famous for Lethal B/Fire Camp’s ‘Pow’ & ‘No’. Dex has made plenty of bangers & is now working with Lauren Mason, Shizzle & more!




T.O.T.B.C Aftermath: Club Ice In Coventry

Ending the long line of shows that happened last week was the night called ‘Pimpin'” @Club Ice in coventry. It was an over 16’s rave meaning that whopping 1200 hormone raging teens swarming the venue going absoloutley mental. there were a few technicals with the decks, but when you work with pros like Tomb Crew you’re never gonna go wrong!

shout outs to ben clark and the rest of the lads in vip that we’re listening to my stories of the amazing pistol shrimp! see, there’s never a wrong time to geek out!

T.O.T.B.C – Club Plan B @Brixton the aftermath

big shout out to everyone that turned up last night and showed the love! if was pretty dead for a while, and even when there were a few peeps it looked more like a place to casualy meet and have a drink:

but then when i was on mic with the mighty tomb crew on deck it started to really move!

Again thanks for all the love and support, and a special thank you to the group that felt the need to come over EVERY time I dropped a bar to explain IN DETAIL why they enjoyed each and every line hahaha, LOVE IT!