My Show @ Strongrooms (Souterrain) was SICK!

My Show @ Strongrooms (Souterrain) was SICK!


10635750_1486343074941683_8975830631198734810_nSo last wednesday I had my third ‘tester’ show and FINALLY it went the way I wanted to in my mind. My new live show is still in its early stages, but all the new elements are finally working together a lot more seamlessly and the response from the audience was AMAZING.

A massive thank you to everyone that came to support the event (especially the two lads that drove all the way from cornwall just to see me play) to chris for having me, and a massive thank you to everyone that came up to me afterwards to say they enjoyed the show, really gave my confidence a boost.

Cannot WAIT for my next set of shows now. I’ll keep you posted!¬†

Free Live Show Wednesday 13th Aug @ Strongroom Shoreditch

Im playing this months Souterrain Live Gig @ the strongrooms (address Below.) The event is free free free and it starts at 7:30. Come on down and have a couple of jagerbombs with me. Oh and watch me play too, that’d be good. for more details click Here

  • 120-124 Curtain Road
  • EC2A 3SQ London, United Kingdom