Disposable Printers Are Coming (photos)

excuse me for blowing my own trumpet but I KNEW this was gonna happen, honest!

The Instant Cartridge Printer is an awesome idea modeled on the lines of how disposable cameras are dispensed. The plan is to buy a cartridge printer off the shelf, according to the paper size you plan on using. Related info like print speed, print resolution and color is provided on the packaging itself. The designers try and bring in an eco-angle by using recyclable paper for the milk-box packaging and recyclable parts. However the printer is powered by an internal battery & hooks to the device and comp via USB.

Although the concept is pretty neat I doubt it would be practical for people like me who go through printer cartridges faster than ballpen refills!

Designers: Yuexun Chen & Chia-Chen Hsiao



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The iphone 6 – projector & wrap-around screen (Photos + Video)

we dont need a new phone, we really dont, but when I see shit like this i get all giddy. Heres two of the best concept videos of what the iphone 6 will be able to do

The Projector concept:



And the wrap-around screen Concept



Well, IM definitely optimistic and excited, but let me know what you think with a comment!

Astronaut USB Lamp

The astronaught USB lamp By thinkgeek, I’m someone that loves little things like this around the studio, you can never have enough random ish around for inspiration

“…space is a fantastic place, and the astronauts that explore it for us are brave, smart, and really, really cool. Now you can have a tiny astronaut of your own, who can plug into your computer, hub, or any USB port and light up what you need lit. The 11″ plug-in cable is adjustable and posable, and the light turns on and off with the helmet’s visor.”

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BumpTop For Windows And Mac

My Good Friend Semothy Jones hit me up on twitter the other day and I thought it was really cool.

The idea behind Bumptop is basically changing your ordinary computer desktop into a realistic 3D working space where you can pin files on a wall, make piles and even make important files visibly bigger in your space, check the demo below:

Free Download link for windows: Here

Free Download link for Mac: Here