The Sunday Refix: The White Stripes Cover In ONE TAKE!

Week…erm..25 I think?

ANYWAY! this week i thought “FUCK IT! Im gonna do a refix in 1 take!” and the result is this cover I did a while back by my HERO jack white from the white stripes.

As I said, the ENTIRE thing was done in a single take, as a way of respecting jacks views about keeping music restricted and raw.

now grime and hip hop fans might not understand this AT ALL, but songs like these are a massive part of who I am, and seeing as these are My refixes not yours, you’re just gonna have to deal with it aint ya! :p

well thats all from me! I hope you all had a verrrrry merry christmas and I’ll see you wonderful people next week!


My THIRD Feature In The Sun: ILuvLive & An EXCLUSIVE White Stripes Cover!

I feel like the luckiest guy in the world right now! My headline show at i luv live was AMAZING, such a great crowd and this morning it got even better! Marcus Barnes from The Sun wrote a mind blowing article about the night and a cover of “fell in love with a girl” from the White Stripes!

check it out HERE

Jack White And Jay-Z COLLAB?!?! :O

Rocker JACK WHITE has recorded a song with rap icon JAY-Z that he promises is “unbelievable-sounding”.

The White Stripes star reveals he had been working on a track for the 99 Problems hitmaker for some time and they recently managed to lock down time in the studio to complete the tune.

He tells GQ magazine, “I just did a record with Jay-Z. We did a song together a few weeks ago. It was incredible. I played him something that I’ve been kicking around for a while and he immediately came out with words for it. It’s unbelievable-sounding.”

It is currently unclear whose album the duet will appear on but last month (Feb10) Jay-Z admitted he had already begun work on the follow up to his hit album The Blueprint 3.

He said, “I got one crazy record. To be honest with you, it’s crazy. I got one and we’ll build from there. Whether it comes out this year or next year, it depends on the music and how it’s coming out. I don’t really have any dates.”