The Sunday Refix: Game Over


Week 18!
hello you wonderful lot, so its week 18 and I finished this one early meaning Ive actually slept! hurrah! More anime watching for me today! lol
anyway… so this week was a no brainer, as almost everyone whos anyone is on this track!
Instrumentally there wasnt anything difficult to replicate or add, but I was stumpted on what to do lyric-wise. At first I thought to emulate each of the spitters on the track, but that would be A: VERY patronizing to the artists on here, and B: one hell of a long refix.

I was reading all the comments of the original game over track and then it hit me! Everyone has an opinion of the track, and so do I! so there you have it! I simply spat what I thought of who did what on the tune, ON THE TUNE! 😀
I was gonna leave it there, but i couldnt resist spitting propperly on such a sick beat, so i also snuck in a cheeky 8 bar at the end!
Well thats it from me!

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asta la byebye! Till next week!

Performing At The 100th Issue Rwd Party With Ed Sheeran

So the other night my little bro ed sheeran invited me to spit a few bars on one of his songs at Rwd mags 11th issue launch. on the line up was mista jam, dj yasmin, tinie tempah and eddy. the night was propper sick and it was good to leave my damn studio for once and see a bunch of familiar faces! The Night was hosted by royal elastics and I was lucky enough to grab one of their exclusive rwd X royal elastic tees! (thanks chewy!)