Nerds Unite and make a hot chicks calender of their own!

Jon Gibson, just a simple nerd with a simple dream: to make a nude calender that appeal to his fellow nerdy nerds. Starting in 2008 he created totally and 2 years on it became one of the biggest memorabila-sellers in this years vid-con with they’re super hero theme!

upon the sucess gibson said:

“Well, we’re nerds here at Nerdcore – superheroes are our lifeblood. That’s the easy answer.
But, you know, it’s also about defying expectations. Everyone seemed to think that we were just going to another pinup-style calendar with more retro 80’s videogames. Hell, where’s the challenge in that? Nerdcore was founded on a principle of never doing things that are TOO easy. That said, the 2008 calendar was really, REALLY FUCKING difficult to produce.

We nearly set a garage on fire, almost buried two production assistants under a pile of very heavy drywall, and found ourselves running away from sketchy vagrants in the abandoned train yards in downtown L.A. Aside from that – yeah, it was a breeze. There was also several incidents of ordering far too much stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut. You can only eat so much of that shit.