The Ring That Lets You text, Control Your Tv & Apple Products Pay Bills & More By Waving Your Finger


There was once a rumor that Apple would actually use a ring device for input to an Apple television. Neither of those gadgets exist yet, of course, but Ring is a Kickstarter project trying to fund a finger-based wearable that could enable the kind of controls envisioned in that Apple flight of fancy.

The Ring is a hardware device that resembles an ordinary (if slightly chunky) ring, filled with sensors and electronics to give it the ability to control devices and render input. It can enable gesture controls, of the kind you’d get with a Wii remote, for instance, as well as text input by drawing letters in the air, gesture-based authorization for finalizing payments, and transmit alerts from connected devices via a built-in vibration motor and onboard LED.

check the video HERE. More Pics in the MORE section below

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Mitsubishi 75-inch 3D Full HD LaserVue 75-LT1 TV

Mitsubishi has confirmed the availability of the new 3D Full HD Laser TV for the Japanese market. The Mitsubishi 75-LT1 uses the company’s Laser technology, which is one of the most advanced technology so far. Mitsubishi’s laser technology a.k.a. LaserVue TV aims to provide a color range twice than found on a normal HDTV and reduces the power consumption. The new Mitsubishi 75-LT1 features a 75-inch Full HD panel (1920 x 1080) that can display 3D images using the side-by-side format, BS.110/CS Digital TV tuner, five HDMI inputs, an HDMI output, a D-Sub port, a trio of S-Video ports, a couple of 10W speakers and two pairs of active shutter 3D glasses. Priced at 750,000 Yens ($8,692), the Mitsubishi 75-LT1 will be released in Japan on August 21st, 2010.

Pcubee – The 5 Screen 360° Tv

this concept is just plain awesome. the main fault with 3d technology comming out recently is the need to have to wear a pulky pair of glasses all the time. well no more!
Created by an engineering team at the University of British Columbia’s Human Communications Technology Lab, the pCubee is a handheld display comprised of 5 flat-panel LCD screens. The cube automatically adjusts to movements and allows users to interact with objects inside a virtual 3D world rendered inside the cube. Check out the video below to see how truly impressive the effect can be:

Japan Unveils 3DTV across the nation

Kicking off an expected repeat flood of 3DTV info over the next few days (Samsung and Panasonic both have events scheduled over the next couple of days) Sony has revealed pricing and shipping information for its new televisions and related accessories in Japan. With IR emitter built in and two pairs of RealD active shutter glasses, all you’ll need to add is a source to the 60-, 51-, 46- and 40-inch models, ranging in price from ¥580,000 ($6,444) to ¥290,000 ($3,222.) Even if the TDG-BR100 / TDG-BR50 3D glasses (also available as an accessory for ¥12,000 ($133) or so) aren’t on your face this WiFi-connected abyss of entertainment will look back into you, using face tracking to detect if someone is sitting too close and warn them to move back, as well as dimming and eventually turning off the screen if you leave the room or simply looked away from the TV for an extended period.