The Sunday Refix: Lil’ Wayne – Drop The World


At the time of writing this its 3:14 in the afternoon and ‘fake tales of san Francisco” by the arctic monkeys just came on my itunes. Those of you that follow me on twitter or facebook will already know the horror that ive had to deal with tonight.

to make a long story short, this week i had to mix my single and had a ton of meetings, leaving me with having only 8 hours sleep shared between the last 5 days. Pretty bad right? OH BUT IT DOESNT STOP THERE!!!

So its about 1am and im just adding the finishing touches to the refix and what happens?? MY COMPUTER SWITCHES OFF!!! before the rage set in, i simply switched the mac on again and started over, i mean you all know how late i work sometimes, so it wasnt the end of the world…

so im nearly finished with the refix for the SECOND time and what happens? LOGIC CRASHES AGAIN!! Its now around 5am and bare in mind the 8 hours in 5 days sleeping pattern. What do I do? for me there’s only one option…


Im SO thankful for everybody that comes on here, subscribes and comments on my refixes every single week and to me, you’re all worth that dedication.

I’ve just realized the irony of what took place tonight… its halloween haha, what a nightmare, pun intended.

well thats all from me! see you guys next week! and thank you again 🙂 PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!