For All My Smokers: The ‘Herb’ Grinder Watch!


Just imagine all the “what time is it? 4:20!!!” jokes you can now have with this bad boy

 ‘The fictitious watch face reveals a quality metallic grinder anodized for smooth and finished dimensions, allowing you to grind up the most powerful of herbs with unbelievable ease.

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The Watch That Gets You High?

Just when a Tokyoflash watch has reached the pinnacle of unreadability, it looks like the company has scaled things back slightly — very, very, very slightly. Kisai’s Wasted watch makes “your senses [come] alive” by turning the time display into a sort of psychedelic light show, one that it would take a modern day Timothy Leary to decode. It’s apparently supposed to simulate some sort of hallucinatory state, although we’re guessing that it’s much more likely to give you a migraine. Rechargeable via USB, and available now for $85 plus shipping.

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iPOD Nano Watch

The new multitouch iPod Nano was made to be strapped to a watch band. A cool idea? You can pick up a 22mm Maratac watch band for about $17, and available in a variety of colors. But you should consider its battery, Apple’s saying the new iPod Nano has 24 hour battery life, so you have to recharge it every night… Anyway, I love this idea, cool watch and cool idea!

The Scope Watch

You’ve seen the movie Blade Runner, yes? Aka the greatest science fiction movie ever made? That’s the one. Even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve probably seen the scene where Harrison Ford is doing some police work and keeps saying “enhance. enhance.” Well that’s what’s going on here! He’d love this watch, this watch called the “Scope Watch” and it’s a total time tracker!

Behold the search-arrows as they run across the screen, stopping only when time is accessed! Stopping only when they’ve delivered the prize of ultimate time readout to you! You betcha.

Bzzt bzzt bzzt, enhance. Time reads 2am. Time to continue working on blog. Beep beep beep. Not only that, that fantastic feature, there’s several colors of watch you can choose from. All of them spectacularly sick!.

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The Watch With Real Uranium

Yup, Your Heard it right, introducing the VOLNATOMIC LIQUID TOURBILLON, a watch that contains the nuclear substance known as uranium!
The shining liquid Uranium is put into with the moving plate and contains a blue fluid visible through sapphire crystal on the sides of the watch responsible for shining. Created my Yvan Arpa, you can expect this watch to be well in the 6-fgure region. I kid you not.

Mechanical hand-wound movement with tourbillon and 72-hour power reserve (Concepto Watch Company C-8019), Black PVD titanium case, Diameter: 46.5mm, Strap Genuine rubber with yellow hand stitching, black PVD-coated double pin buckle.

New Casio G-Shock wrist watches go for X-Large

G-Shock X-Large Combi (aka GA 100) family of digital wrist watches boast a 5.0 x 51.2 x 16.9 mm of case. Other key features include shock resistance, 200 M water resistance, magnetic resistance, Auto LED Light with Afterglow, 48 City World Time, 1/100 Second Chronograph, 4 Daily Alarms and 1 Snooze Alarm, and an Hourly Time Signal. Their design detail includes a riveted dial ring and embossed index to create a 3D effect on the watch face.

Offred in three hues sentinel black (GA100-1A4), crisp white (GA100A-7A), and hazard yellow (GA100A-9A), they come at $99.

HD Quality Video Watch

I’m pretty tired of all the supposed ’spy’ gear on the market because to be perfectly honest, if it wasn’t developed by the CIA or MI6, it ends up being pretty crappy. But I’m cautiously optimistic that this video-capable covert watch might actually not suck that much. The design is surprisingly something that most people would wear, so it doesn’t look like there’s a video camera stashed inside, and instead of capturing sub-webcam quality 640×480 clips, it’s actually able to record pseudo-HD quality 1280×960 VGA videos at 30 fps.

The watch is only water and dust resistant so you won’t be capturing any spectacular underwater footage, but a little rain shouldn’t put it out of commission either. A subtle light indicator lets you know when the recording function has been activated, but it only remains on briefly so others don’t realize why you’re awkwardly pointing your watch face at them, and all videos are stamped with the date and time for later analysis. Somewhere on the watch you’ll find a miniUSB connection for charging the watch and transferring videos to your PC, and the ~$450 price tag from Spycatcher makes me think this might actually be more than just an expensive novelty.

seiko’s “active Matrix” – the Most futuristic watch to date.

Seiko’s been doing the whole E-Ink wristwatch thing for years now, but the vast majority of ’em could really only be viewed when looking directly down onto the so-called dial. The appropriately named “Future Now” EPD watch aims to change all that, with an “active matrix” E-Ink display that allows for the same 180 degrees of visibility that you’ve come to expect in the average LCD panel. The all-black watch made its debut at Basel World 2010, boasting a grand total of 80,000 pixels, each of which are capable of displaying four shades of grey. Seiko’s also trumpeting the achievements in power reduction, though we aren’t informed of exactly how long this thing can shuffle minutes away before needing a recharge. Either way, I couldn’t be more anxious to see this gem hit store shelves — hop on past the break for a quick look at exactly what we mean.

SKIP TO 3:28 for the e-ink!!

First Look At The New G-Shock GA-100

And so it returns, this time with cool new colours…

By the end of February we saw the new proposals of G-Shock for this month with some beautiful color variants of GA-100 and switched its variant GA-110, the two hybrid analog / digital design inspired by the classic DW-5900 1990. Casio has recently added these two new colors for the GA-110 which should be available towards the end of March of the best retailers G-Shock.