THis Weeks Refix: Devlin Ft Yasmin – Runaway

Week 12! This week is Runaway by the ever so talented Devlin and Yasmin who not only sings, but happens to be my favorite Dj ever!

musically this was pretty straight forward, so instead I decided to focus closer on the lyrical aspects of the song. The original version describes a young man and his girlfriend escaping their surroundings in search of a place that delivers them true freedom, but there are always 2 sides of a story, so I decided to speak from the perspective of the young mans mother dealing with the fact that her child has runaway as it were 😀

the best part of this (and also the trickiest) was transcribing the melody of the hook into guitar. I gotta say, it has a VERY interesting structure that constantly moves, top marks to Yasmin for creativity and execution!

well, thats all from me this week, only 2 more weeks to go till volume 1 of the refixes are up for download too so keep your eyes peeled!