The Coke Zero Can Thats Really a spy cam!

Tut tut. I think I only need one guess why you guys and gals would want a spy cam for lol. anyway…

This can of Coke Zero, very realist for the truth, is complete of prominent black fizzy drink without calories: in fact hides a spy camera 4GB which can record video at VGA resolution (640 × 480). Can of Coke Zero is not packed with a uplifting, low calorie; it is really a 4GB detective cam DVR that can and new gadgets in USB greatest products Coke Zero an exciting camera spy. The can might also have a wireless remote manage, rechargeable batteries and a false bottom which conceals a USB port and the power button on and off.

The edition Coke Zero costs less than 42 euros, though the typical little over 36 euros, which is an acceptable investment, whether it is worth spy on what you have in mind.

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