Top 5 “WTF” Burgers Ive Ever Seen

Ever Desired a Burger that would give you an instand heart attack? no? Me either… but if you DID these would certainly do the trick!

5. The Aussie
Named after Britons’ favourite import, The Aussie bookends its burger with a brioche bun.
It also contains roasted beetroot, lettuce, tomato and a fried egg.
Looking to be the healthiest option of the bunch, you might have trouble fitting your mouth around this wide boy.

4. The Double Toastie Burger
The Double Toastie is for those who can manage more than a single burger in one sitting and focuses on melding British-American tastes.
It consists of layers of beef patties, chorizo sausage and cheese held between cheddar-bacon toasties.
Doused with barbeque sauce to finish, you have to be committed to the consumption of burgers to manage this one. (i cant lie, id probably Have a Go with this one!)

3. The Fifth Third burger
Featured on a number of news shows in America, this burger was recently added to the West Michigan Whitecaps’ ballpark menu.
It’s named after team sponsor Fifth Third Bancorp and combines burger, chili, nacho cheese, Fritos, salsa, lettuce, tomato and sour cream with its bun.
It reportedly weighs in at 4lbs and 4,800 calories. Not for the faint of heart.

2. The Luther burger
Bacon cheeseburger and glazed doughnuts are two words never usually heard in the same sentence.
However, this burger takes that taboo and smashes it with its heady mix of sweet and salty.
This burger is so greasy you can practically feel your arteries clog just looking at it.

The Butter burger is said to hail from Milwaukee, where ‘there is no such thing as too much butter’.
Each burger contains up to two tablespoons of the substance, according to
It is used in both the cooking and the serving of the burger, as well as in the cooking of accompanying burger toppings.

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